Data use policies

The re-use of data offers great potential to promote scientific advancement, communication, collaboration, and synthesis. However, access to and use of these datasets requires agreement with the following data use policies:

In general, please contact us if you are interested in collaborating or using these data.

Public datasets

Lusk, B., R. Smith, and M.C.N. Castorani. 2022. Oyster and associated fauna counts and lengths from restored and reference reefs in the coastal bays of Virginia, 2005-2019 ver 7. Environmental Data Initiative.

Bell, T.W., K.C. Cavanaugh, D. Reuman, M.C.N. Castorani, L. Sheppard, and J. Walter. 2021. SBC LTER: Reef: Macrocystis pyrifera biomass and environmental drivers in southern and central California ver 1. Environmental Data Initiative.

Lang, S. and M.C.N. Castorani. 2021. Satellite-based remote sensing of water clarity in the shallow coastal lagoons of Virginia ver 2. Environmental Data Initiative.

McGlathery, K.J. and M.C.N. Castorani. 2021. Fish Counts and Lengths in South Bay and Hog Island Bay, Virginia 2012-2018 ver 12. Environmental Data Initiative.

Castorani, M.C.N. and S.L. Cheng. 2021. Blue Crab Densities in a Landscape Context on the Coast, Summer 2019 ver 10. Environmental Data Initiative.

Castorani, M.C.N., D.C. Reed, P.T. Raimondi, F. Alberto, T.W. Bell, K.C. Cavanaugh, and D.A. Siegel. 2016. Kelp metapopulations: Semi-annual time series of giant kelp patch area, biomass and fecundity in southern California, 1996–2006 ver1. Environmental Data Initiative

Castorani, M.C.N., D.A. Siegel, R.D. Simons, D.C. Reed, P.T. Raimondi, and F. Alberto. 2016. Kelp metapopulations: Semi-annual time series of spore dispersal times among giant kelp patches in southern California, 1996–2006 ver 3. Environmental Data Initiative.